Becoming a Translator

A few years ago, I did some translating as part of a I took job as a foreign language consultant. The bulk of my job as a consultant though was more on editing than translating so I didn't get to do a lot of document translation. But with the little I did, I can only say one thing...translating is not easy. It's a good thing it's not the main job or I would have had a tough time fulfilling my job. I speak my language fluently but translating a language to another language requires more than being fluent with the target language. Before that, I really thought I could work for a professional translation company but I soon realized I probably wouldn't pass as one. I would have to take some kind of a course in order to be an effective professional translator.

In due time, I'd probably venture into professional translation. I know there are many people looking for translation services so it would be an interesting avenue to explore. But like I said, I would have to take some kind of a course in order to be a professional translator and then and only then will I dare join a professional Übersetzungsbüro. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in the next couple of years down the road. Fingers crossed of course...


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