The Best Fit

I think I've said this before but I'll say it again...finding a web hosting company shouldn't be as hard as it has been. I think it's been months now since I started my quest to look for a web hosting company that I can use to host one of my blogs. The same thing is happening to the husband. He is not happy with his company's current webhost so he's been looking for another company but it's been months as well since he started looking for one like me. Why...with all the choices we have out there, it should be really easy. But it's not. I guess that's what's making it hard...the numerous companies that offer the same service.

Anyway, my case is really simple since I don't have to move anything.I will be starting from scratch that's why. In hubby's case, he has to move his company's entire website so he will need help in doing that because he won't have the time to do it himself. His company doesn't have its own server so no need for colocation. What they probably need is managed hosting for now since he cannot really attend to their website right now because he is busy with his real job which is running the company as well as manual labor.. Hopefully, he'll be able to find the one best fits their needs as soon as possible.


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