Clothes Shopping

Today was a busy day for us. We originally planned in just getting some plants but we ended up going to a couple more places so we ended up staying out until around 4. One of the stores we went to is a clothes store. I saw some nice looking tops and made a comment about them. I guess the husband liked the clothes on display so he asked if I wanted to check them out…so in we went. As usual, he’s the one pointing at some clothes that he ‘thinks’ I’ll look good in which I don’t usually agree with… but If I have the best body shaper then maybe. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing tight fitting clothes even when I was a lot smaller in size.

Anyway, I went out of the store with a couple nice shirts and a bag that’s on sale. The little one got some colorful bracelets as well as a jewelry hanger which will be good for all her jewelry collection. If it were to hubby, I’d probably have more but I told him I’ll look for a seamless shapewear first before I dare get into those clothes. Isn’t that a bit odd? Normally it’s the wife that picks out the clothes for the husband. It’s quite the opposite in our situation. I’m not complaining though. At least I know he’s always willing to shop clothes with me.


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