Favorite Place to Visit

Just like any other kids, one of the little one’s favorite things to do is go to a park. To her, it does not really matter how big the park is as long as it has some swings or slides or even just a sand box then she’s a happy camper. I on the other hand would be happy as long as there are shaded park benches within the vicinity because all I do is watch her run around the place whenever we visit a park. I could probably run around as well but I don’t think I’d last longer than 10 minutes so yes, a bench is my best friend at the park…well, picnic tables will also do the trick for me actually.

When we were still living in the other house, we used to visit this really neat park not far from there. The park is big and has a lot of site furnishings in it. There’s even this big wooden castle that most of the kids that visit would hang out in majority of the time they’re there. It was a bit tricky for adults that want to assist their kids because the castle was made for kids and all we could do was watch from outside and follow them as they navigate the thing.

Where we’re living right now, there are only a couple of little parks near. We have one within walking distance but it’s not maintained so the place doesn’t even look like a park anymore. The swings are broken and the slides are dirty. It looks like the place hasn’t been visited in years actually. It's not really a surprise because majority of the people living around here don’t have young kids anymore. I think there are less than 10 families here with kids the age of the little one. But I'm sure that if it gets renovated and updated, families with or without children will hang out there. Hopefully our city will come and rescue this little park. I'm sure families with and without kids will hang out there once it's renovated. I'm sure we will...


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