After weeks of dealing with a nasty virus that invaded our quiet [?] abode, we're finally 'virus free'. It was one heck of a ride for us since this has never happened before where all three of us fell victim to an unforgiving bug! It's usually just one of us...not all three of it was something new deal with. The only good thing is we had it one after the other. Literally! First week it was the husband ~ who by the way was the bearer of the bad news...err...bug. As soon as he started to get better, the little one followed. For almost a week, she was nursing a cold. That's the hardest to me since I hate seeing her not feeling well. It was just a cold but still it was a nuisance. She didn't miss a beat though. She still did her daily school work and ate like she wasn't sick. That's probably why she got better really just a matter of days.

Exactly a week to the day the little one started feeling ill, I started coming down with a cold. How odd is that? That's also how long it took for the husband to kick the dang thing. Anyway, I got the worst part of it. I also had the cough...they didn't. For a couple of days I was barking like a mad dog. Two nights I didn't sleep because of it. For my cold, I didn't take any medicine since we didn't have any that didn't have a warning about thyroid. But for the cough...I just couldn't take it so I took medicine. Fortunately, hubby found one that didn't have any warning about my thyroid disease. Wheeww! For the record, the medicine that kicked my cough's arse is a generic one. The name brand I took at first didn't do in NADA! Not even a second of relief. Hmp! Next time I know what to take when this happens again...NYQUIL...NOT! I'll go with that generic one definitely. I won't even bother trying that more expensive medicine.'s exactly one week since I started feeling the wrath of that nasty virus. Happy to announce...I'm all better now. Still a bit sore on the throat but no more barking incessantly.

Virus...stay out of our house! You're not welcome here anymore.....


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