For some reasons, the little one is fascinated with fountains. Everytime we go to the store to look at the plants, she gravitates towards the fountains on display which are mostly garden fountains. Maybe it's that soothing sound of the water flowing or just because they have water that's why she likes them. I really don't know why. The husband and I also like them but we don't think we have a good place in the yard to put a fountain right now. We need to have more 'landscaping' done on the yard before a fountain would fit in. I think anyway. The Dad also noticed how much the little one likes fountains so he thinks maybe we can get her a table top fountain that we can probably put in her bedroom. Something similar to the one on the left but something that will go well in her bedroom. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a pink or purple fountain but if there is one, she will be thrilled to no end. We just have to look for it, right?


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