Fun? Not So Fun....

After enjoying the water slide to the fullest, the little one is now a wee bit under the weather...with a cold!

I'm not really sure if I should blame the water slide entirely because Dad also had a cold last week. It's very much possible that she caught the virus that Dad had since she wouldn't stay away from him even if we told her she could get the virus. What can we do....Daddy's little girl. Every few minutes she'd go...can I give Daddy a hug? Can I just ask Daddy something? and so on and so forth.

But then again...she overstayed on the water slide to the point that her lips were a little purple already. She said she wasn't cold but her lips said otherwise. She's getting a bit better now. The good thing is she hasn't lost her appetite much. She's still doing pretty much everything she does on a normal day. Except this time, she has some excuse to rest more than usual....because she's 'sick'.

Now I'm wondering if I'm next in line. I hope not! I don't really want to get that nasty virus....


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