Fun Weekend

...and it's all because of the 'spur of the moment' birthday get together for the little one. I don't want to call it a party since it wasn't really...but it made the little one's birthday memorable. The main attraction was of course the water slide we rented. It wasn't cheap but it was well worth every penny of it since it was enjoyed until the last minute that we had it.

As the kids were playing and having fun, the young 'once' of course chatted. We haven't seen the couple that came by [with their kids] in years so it was a lot of catching up. In the years that passed, both of them switched jobs already. They're younger than us but they're already worried about what retirement would be like to them considering how the economy is today that's why they've switched to jobs that they believe is more stable than what they used to have. They're also looking for some solid investments so I suggested that they should probably invest in gold since it's been holding its ground amidst all the economic turmoil.

Anyway, it was indeed a fun-filled weekend not only for the young ones but for the young once as well. Best of all, the little one had a blast...and that's what we're after...


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