Game Day?

Something that I've been trying to avoid has happened...I have a cough..and I hate it. It's probably one of my most hated sickness or illness. I hate that it keeps me awake at well as other people in the household. I also had to beg off work because I've been coughing non-stop since last night my throat feels like it's burning and my voice is raspy. Besides, I also feel really tired due to my lack of sleep last night. I tried to nap today but to no avail so I ended up playing some games on my computer to pass time. When I got bored playing, I decided to do little work but my pesky cough just wouldn't let out so I decided to just watch some TV.

Our weekend plans are still up in the air. Hubby's working tomorrow so it means we're not going anywhere. Sunday, we're planning in going to a store that we went to a few weeks ago and use a coupon we got then to buy me [yep, ME] some new pants, I think. From there, we may look for some vases and/or pots that the hubs is looking for to use for a project in the house. We may also swing by a plant store and see if we can pick up a few more to add to our little garden in front. After that I have no idea where we're going. BUT because of my cough, these plans may be wiped out. I hate going anywhere when I'm barking like a german shepherd.


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