Getting Connected

Do you still remember the day when all that’s available to get online was dial-up internet service? I do because that wasn’t really that long time ago. I still remember [and I can still literally hear it when I think about it now] that dialing sound whenever I tried to get connected. It was music to my ears at that time especially when I was about to get online to talk with my future husband. Ha! Yep, dial up was the only way to do it during those days but I’m sure glad it was available. Actually, it’s still available now and is still being offered. Many people don’t really need the speed in getting connected. All they need is to be connected so why spend extra money to get high speed internet, right? My husband’s grandparents still have dial up until now. They say everything is slow in their life anyway so why change it…LOL!

When I first arrived here, the husband still had dial up. So whenever I had to go online and he’s at work, I had to call him first to let him know so he wouldn’t call and get a busy signal. I eventually had to switch to dsl because of work reasons. One of my jobs require me to download documents so if I use dial up, it will take ages to download even just one document. It was quite expensive to switch at that time since dsl was not as popular and only businesses used such service. Today, this service is very affordable and easy to acquire. Even those in remote places can now access the internet because it’s offered almost everywhere now so getting connected is now very easy. I wonder how internet service will be in 10 years…because that’s how long it’s been since I was still on dial up.


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