The "List"

It's not actually a 'to do' list...but it is. Confusing, eh? LOL... It's a list that the little one wants for her upcoming birthday. She just made it today. We actually asked her a few weeks ago what she wants and she only told us one thing...that's it...and it's a cheap toy which she saw at Big which I said 'no' when she asked if we could buy it. Why? Because it's a toddler's toy...I think.

Anyway, back to the 'list'. It's again. Much as I don't want to get her anymore's her birthday so I looked for them online and found most of them. But since her birthday is just a few days away there is no way some of them can get here on time so I only ordered those that will be here before then. Oh well....we already got her some presents that she's been wanting for months now so I'm sure she'll forget the ones she won't get. Maybe...


Ciela said…
Happy Birthday to E! I hope it isn't over yet.

Where's the party?
J said…
9 na ba si E? ang bilis ng panahon.

anyways, trip ko lang magblog hop at this very moment. sad na sad ako pero wala akong magawa.helpless kumbaga. pinagdidiskitahan ko na lang nga ang mag-blog pero hindi productive. mas madali ang magsurf hahaha.

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