Man Shopping....

Just to be clear...I don't mean shopping for man but a man doing the shopping. LOL. Anyway, shopping for groceries [and other home supplies] is something I don’t normally do myself now. It’s not that I don’t want to but I just can’t because of my inability to drive. The job has to be done by the husband since he has no choice. Of course that comes with advantages and disadvantages which I won’t list anymore. The husband shopping can be amusing sometimes because he tends to veer off the ‘list’ especially if it’s just a short one. One time he went out to get a shower curtain at a hardware store. Guess what? He came back with a totally different shower curtain with matching bathroom mats, towels, dispenser, soap dish. In other words, he decided to do a bathroom make-over. He didn’t find the shower curtain in the hardware store [but he found a truck tarp he wanted] so he went to another store and that’s where he decided to just do the make-over for our bathroom.

As soon as I saw the whole range of stuff he bought, I wondered if he actually looked for the shower curtain or just went to that store to look at tarps. Hmmm…he’s still a man after all, right? He’s a very responsible shopper and usually sticks to the list I send with him but what can I do if the store has temptations like the truck tarps that probably caught his roving eyes…LOL. I like to make fun of him whenever he does this. The first time he did something similar was early on in our marriage when I asked him to get me a pair of shorts. He did get me a pair of shorts alright but with matching shirt, shoes, belt and a vest like top. Isn’t he something? He still does this [with clothes] so I avoid asking him to get me clothes if I can. I don’t want to have a closet full of matching outfit, do I? Haha...


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