Man & Wife...

Sealed with the 'much awaited' kiss. Awww.... On a side note...can you see that cute little bridesmaid on the bottom left....LOL...isn't she cute. I think she's had enough of the noise, eh? Poor girl...

So...did you wake up at 3 AM to witness the wedding of the century? I didn't. I'm perfectly happy just seeing footages of it so I didn't even think about waking up that early. But I have a really good friend who CAMPED out in front [maybe side?] of the Buckingham Palace in anticipation of today's big wedding. She even posted a picture of the bride [to be] she snapped while she was in a car with her Dad on their way to the cathedral. What can I friend is a true blue fanatic of the Prince so she didn't mind sleeping on concrete floor in a flimsy tent just to be able to witness the Prince got hitched.

I was able to see the carriage ride to the palace live on the Today show though. But that's not what I'm excited about the most. I WAS ABLE TO FINISH MY ELLIPTICAL RUN while watching the whole thing....YEAH!!!! Now I can just sit and relax and not worry about it anymore...LOL.

Anyhooo....that's the highlight of my day I think...haha. I have a lot of work to do today so I better start or I won't be able to finish any of it. At least it's Friday today...which means it's the weekend tomorrow.....yippeee! Have a good one everybody!

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Ciela said…
Grabe talaga ang bilis ng panahon!! Parang pakiramdam ko nga, si Prince Charles and Princess Diana pa rin yung pinapanuod ko eh, ibang henerasyon na nga pala ito! Lol!
Cute nung li'l flower girl. Iritado na. Haha..

Sobrang init ng panahon dito. Sarap kumain ng halo-halo! Tara Huling, kain tayo sa Razon's Pampanga! he he..

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