Monday, April 18, 2011

A Maze No More....

Contrary to my original plan of relaxing this weekend, I actually did everything else but relax. This is I don't like to plan. But I guess it's just fair because the husband spent the weekend working as well. He got paid...I didn't. Ha! I'm happy though because I was actually quite productive as I was able to clean up some of the mess in the garage and it now looks less like a maze in there. It wouldn't have been as messy if we can just store/move most of the things in the attic but the hubby still has to do something in there before we can actually do that. In the meantime, I have to strategically put things around the garage so it's out of the way. We also need some shelves bad or some kind of storage and now that I think about it, maybe we can use those laptop carts that hubby wanted to buy from a guy at work.

I originally thought we won't have any use for a laptop cart here but I may be wrong about that. I think it will be perfect to store some of the husband's stuff that are still stashed in boxes up to now so I decided to rummage through since I had a feeling that most of the stuff in those boxes is junk...and I was right. I was able to get rid of the 2 boxes out of the 4. Imagine that. The 2 boxes still have some equipments and other things that can be stored in something like a laptop storage cabinet so they'll be easy to locate. I really want to get rid of the boxes already but until we have some place to put the things that in them, then they have to stay...for now.

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