I think it's important to have priorities in life. I personally believe it makes my life more manageable. I am not a control freak by any means but I want to have some kind of order in my life and prioritizing helps me in that aspect. I'm not only talking of the 'big stuff', rather small things like what to buy next. Seriously. And I'm not alone in this. Hubby and I talk before we buy even the simplest thing because we know it's going to come out of our budget and will ultimately affect not just one of us but all of us. Everything unplanned...we that party we had on the weekend. But we're not sorry [or broke] we had it. The little one had fun and that's all that matters to us. But as a result of the spending, we now have to put off some purchase we originally planned in making. For one, we will just continue to look at printers instead of buying one in the near future. It's not really a necessity since the one we have is still in perfect condition. We just want to get a wireless one as an upgrade since we're trying to update our little home office. But like I said, that can wait.

Some people will probably think we're nuts for doing things the way we do since printers are not that expensive anyway. We don't care. What we care about is we're not deep in debt and that we go to bed at night without worrying as to where to get the money to pay for something. Even if printers are not that expensive, we still have to take it out of our budget to get it. It's funny how someone who visited us one time questioned why we didn't have a ceiling fan in the living room. Our answer is simple...we don't need it. We have a stand fan and it's working so that's what we're using now. He looked at my husband as if asking: Have you lost your mind? Like I said, we don't care what other people think as long as we're not doing anybody any harm...then we're cool.


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