Is it spring or is it summer already? Or is it still winter? It seems like Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us lately. Based on some pictures of friends in FB posted recently, it’s still snowing in some states so it’s more like winter in those places. It’s the exact opposite here. The temperature has been in the 80s for a couple of days now and according to the weather people, some places even hit the 90s today. Tomorrow will be another hot day for us around here. It was a totally different story 2 weeks ago. It was raining really hard for almost a week. There were also some really strong winds which probably knocked down a lot of Keystone Mailboxes and Gaines Mailboxes everywhere. The news showed a bunch of trees falling down on cars as well as houses because of the winds so mailboxes were probably not spared.

Knocked down Classic Mailboxes would have been nothing though compared to what could have happened if the tornado we were warned about actually touched down. Yep, tornadoes! That scared the heck out of me actually when I heard about the warning. We’re used to hearing hurricane warnings but not tornado warnings…and that’s exactly what we had 2 weeks ago. When the local TV station started flashing the names of counties under tornado warnings in which our county was one, I started to get really scared. I have no idea what to do if we were told that a tornado is about to touch down where we’re at. Our house [as well as most houses around here] is not really built for such calamity so I'm not sure where to go if ever we're hit by a cyclone. I just hope we don’t get any more of those warnings any time soon…or ever.


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