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After such a long time and years of trying to get in touch with my former dorm mates in college, I’m finally able to find them. I was able to get in touch with one a few years ago but she didn’t have any news about the other as well. Thanks to the social networks, we’re able to reconnect. One guy started a group and it just caught on and now we’re all reconnected. Pictures upon pictures have been uploaded in the group and I can’t help but laugh with those 80s hair dos and hair donts…LOL. There are also a bunch of pictures during sports tournaments with the guys and gals proudly showing off the volleyball trophies as well soccer trophies they won in those ‘fierce’ competitions. As if! In all seriousness though, those guys and gals took those tournaments very seriously so winning those trophies were a big thing for them then.

Staying up late to watch the late night volleyball games between teams became the norm for us during the months of these tournaments. But if there’s one sport I really watched, it was bowling. One of my closest friends was the bowling wizard in the entire dorm so I never missed any of his games. I think he got all kinds of bowling trophies not only from our dorm’s tourneys but also from some local competitions. Unfortunately, he’s one of the few who haven’t found their way to our group yet. I’m really hoping he’ll find us soon.

Anyway, I personally never joined any of these fun & friendly competitions. I just never played sports. I like to watch them though. I guess I will forever be a sports watcher but will never be a player myself. I have 4 other siblings and only one play sports now…golf. I guess it is part of his corporate job because he never really played it before. But now he has several golf trophies which he won as part of their company’s yearly tournament. I guess it’s never too late to actually start playing sports and finding one that you might like. My brother is almost and I thought all I’d see him receiving would be retirement awards as his retirement approaches. But I may be wrong. I think he’s planning in continuing to play golf even after he no longer works for this company. Good for him. I think that will keep him happy and occupied in the years to come.


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