Spot Gold

Finding a good investment these days is very tricky. One day you think something may be a good investment…the next day it’s a totally different story. I think in all the chaos in the economy, the price of gold is probably one of the few things that remain stable. Everytime I see read or hear how good of an investment gold is, I can’t help but cringe. Why? I had the chance to invest in it when I was still single and earning enough to actually invest into something. The price of spot gold during those years was also a lot cheaper. But my main concern then was to invest into something else that was more appealing to me [and lots of other people], real estate. I tried to save instead of spending it on gold so I could purchase a house. But before I could do that, things happened. My parents passed away unexpectedly then I got married. My plan of buying a house didn’t happen obviously.

Today, I can only wish I actually listened to some friends convincing me to try investing in gold. Not only would I probably have more financial stability because of the big spike in gold spot price since then but I would first and foremost have investments I can say came from my hard work. But I shouldn’t be sulking and feeling sorry for the ‘would haves & could haves’ for it wouldn’t do me any good now. Maybe I should start thinking about investing into this precious metal. I’m kind of confident that gold price will only go up before it comes down as the years go by so I better start thinking about buying some before gold prices will be way out of my reach….


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