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Because of the ‘spur of the moment’ birthday party we had for the little one over the weekend, I completely forgot about an annual festival that I really wanted to visit this year. It’s a 3-day event showcasing different Filipino talents and products. I’ve been to one of them when I was still pregnant with our little one…a couple of weeks shy of giving birth actually and I remember it was fun. Since I was (very) pregnant at that time, I wasn’t able to really check it all out mainly because I had to stop every 4 steps or so to rest in between bathroom breaks. This year, I wanted the little one to see it because it’s the closest she can experience the Philippines…for now. But it was all forgotten because of all the chaos preparing for her ‘very surprise party’.

Anyway, I didn’t even know about the 3-day event until the owner of a Philippine store told me about it a couple of months ago when we went there to get my monthly supplies of ‘home’ goods. She was busy looking for Promotional Items for her store to give out during the festivities to drum up her business so I asked her why. I thought she was just going to have some little promo for her store just like before. It turns out she signed up for a booth to the annual 3-day PhilFest event. She said there’s a bunch of other businesses like her that would be in the event so she needs to find unique Promotional Items both for her store and her catering business to stand out.

Promotional Items were definitely flooding during that 3-day event and I didn’t get a single one because I missed it. Ugh! I really wanted to see what’s being offered in those booths that were set up for visitors. I was also hoping to snag a lot of my favorite fruits and other products from the Philippines that I haven’t had in the last few years. Now I have to wait a year to do that. Hopefully next year, it will be held not that close to our little one’s birthday…which is unlikely. I guess we just have to plan a lot better next year so I get to enjoy both, eh?


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