Backyard Camping

One of the things I truly enjoyed when I was in high school were the backyard campings we had in our school. We started having them in first year until our junior year. It was 3 nights of both fun and hard work. The hard work was actually months before the camping itself because we had to start planning it as soon as school started. We were in team patrols and each team had to gather enough bamboos to create make shift pieces of furniture. Our weekends were spent going around town asking for bamboos from relatives and friends then making tables, chairs, etc to use for the 3-day camping.

The tents we used then were not the fancy pop-up tents we now have. They were more like tarps that we had to pitch ourselves. We didn't have sleeping bags to sleep on as well instead we had some more tarps and sacks to lay on the ground that served as our beds and mattresses for the duration of the camping. We also brought our own blankets to keep us warm during the night. We also had to cook our own meals from breakfast to dinner. We didn't go far but the life lessons we learned were enough for us as young kids being away from the comfort of home for 3 days and 3 nights.

The good ole' days. I have no idea how backyard campings are done nowadays in our school back home but I'm pretty sure they now use fancy stuff like sleeping bags and pop-up tents. I just hope they don't have cellphones and laptops during the camping or it wouldn't be much of a camping would it?


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