Who doesn't want benefits, right? Especially job benefits like insurance & vacation leave. Unfortunately for me I don't get most of these benefits that a regular employee gets because I work at home. I can still get benefits like the social security disability benefits...if ever I get injured and won't be able to work for a period of time since I'm still contributing to the social security even if I work at home. But it would be wonderful to have health insurance that a company pays for so I don't have to deal with insurance companies that only know how to increase & never decrease monthly premiums. Also, it would be great to get some 'paid leave' every once in a while like I used to when I was still teaching. When I was teaching in Taiwan, I get 2 months off during the summer and I got paid for those 2 months. Sigh. But that was the past. It was great alright...but I will never exchange what I have right now with what 'used to be'. I'm just not very happy right now because our health insurance decided to spike up our premium once again.


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