Birds vs Me???

Sorta...I don't want to fight them but they're eating my blackberries! They're not playing fair either because they get them before they're ripe enough to eat [by me anyway]. One more thing...they're cute birds - cardinals so I tend to watch them instead of shooing them away whenever they get close to the bushes. Yesterday, I picked a few berries before they can get to them. A few minutes later one bird came and landed under one of the bushes where the berries I picked were. The bird looked confused while looking around. It seemed to be wondering where the berries went. Teee heee....I pulled one on them.

Hubby put some kind of a net over the bushes. The birds don't get to the ones on top now but they can still get to the ones at the lower part...and the almost ripe ones are there. Just this morning while I was having breakfast I caught one jumping and getting one berry. It stayed there for a few with a berry in its if mocking ME! So I just tapped on the window to shoo it away. Hmmp...I wonder if this will be a full blown war between me and the birds. What do you think??? Should I wage a war against them already??? Just kidding...


~ "C" said…
Kala ko Angry Birds na! Anyway, try putting a Scare Crow? Scare Cardinal? Hehe. Anyway, thanks for the visit at It's really not the reason why I was sad. Our household help in the Philippines for 30-something years now passed away. I knew her eversince nagkamalay ako. It was sudden. She had some mental health problems and didn't eat. Didn't talk. And all of a sudden, she didn't wake up. Good thing I saw her when I had my vacation in PI last Christmas. Life is too short. It's scary.

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