Blogger Glitch?

So it seems.

I already posted about it earlier ~ Where Did They Go?? ~ the missing posts...but I thought I'd write more about it before I get off here.

One blogger friend told me about the blogger glitch when she read my entry. In a way I was kinda' relieved because I thought somebody hacked into my account or something and deleted the entries. I was starting to freak out trying to find a way to save my posts just in case. This thought came to me because I visited a site yesterday and as soon as I clicked on it, pop ups appeared. I thought it was some kind of a virus from that site.

Anyway, I went to check on some other bloggers with a blogger platform and I noticed that some don't have entries from yesterday at least. So in case you're wondering what happened to your posts...this may be the answer....blogger had a HICCUP and some posts got scared and ran away...err...disappeared.

Will they 're-appear'??? That my friends remains to be seen.....

As for me...I can only say one thing...


~ "C" said…
Thanks for the visit sis! Yup, I lost some entries too! I was wondering about the Salmon Teriyaki post too....I thought someone ate it. Bwahahah. Happy Friday! Have a lucky one today!

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