Car Shopping

Eversince we decided to buy a used vehicle instead of a new, we’ve been combing for used cars. It's the website of the largest used car dealer in the Tamba Bay area so I'm hoping we'll find the one we're looking for here. As of now, we still haven’t really found the one that would make us say: that’s the one we want. I guess this is also because we’re in no hurry to acquire a spare car so we’re taking our time for as long as we can to find the one we really like. We haven’t visited Park Automall in person yet but we may just do that one of these days to see the cars they have available. It’s a good thing the place is not that far from where we’re at so it won’t be a long drive.

Now, since this second car will probably the husband’s ride, I’m guessing we will be looking at cars like the Ford F-150 or any other trucks for that matter when we visit the place. I really have no preference if we’re buying a car me though. But if I have to choose, Id’ probably choose a PT Cruiser. I just like the way it looks and that’s all that matters to me…now, anyway. But like I said, this second car won’t be for me. I guess I should probably bookmark their used car videos link so I can show it to the husband so he can watch some of them when he gets the chance.


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