Finding the 'Right One'...

It seems that finding a good insurance company has become a yearly feat for me and the husband. I’m sure we’re not the only people in this country going through this year in, year out. You’d think that with all the commercials on TV it will be an easy thing to do but it’s not. It’s kinda’ taxing I must say. When our Auto Insurance agent for 10 years kept on increasing our premium a few years ago, hubby has had enough and looked for another agent. You would think it would be easy-peasy to find one but it took a while to find one he’s satisfied with. But we eventually found one. Last year, our current agent decided to spike up the premium. We didn’t have enough time to look for another one to replace it so we stuck with it with the intention of finding another one. Prime Insurance Agency is one of the companies I came across with. It serves our state Florida as well as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Aside from car insurance, PrimeIns also offers other insurance such as vacant property insurance which is a type of insurance we may be needing in the near future. Our other house is currently unoccupied but we’re still paying insurance for it. If the information we got is right, the insurance company we have for it right now may be closing its doors so we will need a new insurance company to insure that house. Hopefully PrimeIns has some great plans waiting for us if and when we need to find a new insurance company for our other house.


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