Getting Back What We Pay for...

Our health insurance once again increased our premium. It's very frustrating because it feels like we've been paying for a service we're not really using. Many people probably feel the same and it's very frustrating...especially when the premium goes up for no apparent reason. As expected hubby isn't happy with this latest increase. He has had enough so he thought of the best way to get back at them...use their service even if we don't really need it. Since we've been married, I think he's only been to the doctor once so I was surprised when he asked me to schedule him for a doctor appointment. I did. I called the doctor to set up the appointment and the first question I was asked was the reason for the visit. I couldn't think of anything so the receptionist just wrote routine check up. After hanging up with the doctor's office, I called the husband. I told him I almost told the receptionist he needs some low testosterone treatments when I couldn't think of any reason as to why he needs to see the doctor. He just laughed.

Anyway, hubby is really serious about using our health insurance service now. He even asked me to schedule the little one for a routine check up with her pediatrician. He also said we should go in for a total physical before the year ends. I cannot really blame him. It also makes me mad that these insurance companies just increase their premiums with no consideration. I really wish there is one company there that does otherwise but I'm not sure such company, we'll do it the husband's way. Maximize their service to get back what we pay for....


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