Giving Up Everything to Work Abroad...

Is it worth it?

Been there...done that.

To me it was worth it because I really didn't have to give up anything to do it. I gained more [a lot more actually] than I lost. I was one of the fortunate ones who didn't have to go through a needle hole to make it happen...and I was single back then so my life was just 'mine' so to speak. To say I was blessed would be an understatement. Having said that, I know a lot of people [from my native country - Philippines] who are willing to sacrifice everything just make that ~ working [& living] abroad ~ into a reality. Sadly, a lot of them are also taking the plunge with their eyes closed...I think.

I just spoke with a friend yesterday on the phone. She's been here in the US for about 4 years now. She landed a teaching job here when there was a massive hiring of teachers back then. It looked promising so she petitioned her child and husband right away. Needless to say they gave up everything they had back home...the house, the car, the lifestyle to chase that 'dream' of living the American life. Four years later, my friend is the only one working. Her husband cannot work yet even if he wants to because their papers are still being 'processed'. They are living in a 'shared apartment' because they cannot afford to rent their own place...much less buy their own.

But that's not the sad part. Right now their lives hang in a balance. They are on pins and needles because it was recently found out that the county she's working for 'overhired' people...from the Philippines. As a result, they are terminating people left and right. Fortunately my friend's job is secure...for now. She said that until they get their papers, she will always have that 'fear hanging over her head'. For how long...only God knows.

While talking to my friend and listening to her narrate her story, I was really close in asking her: Is it worth it? But I bit my tongue and didn't ask. She has a lot going on right now and she doesn't need me being a smarty pants....


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