It Fits!

Exciting??? A little bit.

While going through my old clothes over the weekend, I came across a dress that a good friend gave me a few years ago as a Christmas present. I tried it on when I first got it but I didn't think it fit felt tight. So I put it away, tag and all. On a whim, I tried to put it on and what do you FITS! It's a bit tight in some places but I was able to put it on without the usual fuss when I put on my skinny jeans. Ha! I asked the little one to take a picture of me with wearing it so I can send it to my friend who gave it to me some 6 years ago. My friend was very shocked. Not only because I seem to have lost some weight but that she gained the weight I lost...and then some...and she's not a happy camper right now since she seems to be gaining some more. She said she's been reading some oxyelite pro reviews online to see if it will be a good idea for her to try it. She works a full time job and her husband has a business which she manages along with him. Time is just not on her side so exercising is something she doesn't see feasible. I of course disagree with her and I told her so. Hopefully, she'll find the time to try exercising first before resorting to other things.


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