It's Friday!


Even if I'm home all the time and even if I no longer have to go through the madness of getting ready for work during the weekdays, I still get excited when Friday comes. That's because I still work and weekends are usually the time I try not to think much about it. Although the past few weekends didn't feel like weekends at all because the husband had to work through them. And when he's at work, it just doesn't feel like it's the weekend so I tend as well. But like I said before, we can't complain. He has a job and I have a 'job' so we're blessed. Also, with all the work that's coming their way lately maybe their dream metal building will be a reality sooner than later. It's been one of their goal have their own building where they can set up shop and do whatever they please with the place. They are currently renting a space in an industrial building and they can only do what's allowed by the owner of the building. Hubby is not happy with how the owner runs the place and he cannot wait to get out of the place. I'm hoping and praying that with all the blessings coming their way, that may happen soon.


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