Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Paying Off

I think, anyway.

I almost lost the motivation last week because I thought my hard work a.k.a. exercising regularly is not paying off. I almost stopped because I felt like instead of losing the weight, I'm actually gaining. Not so according to some of my clothes. Yep, like I mentioned in my previous post I actually fit in some of my old clothes that I haven't worn in years. I thought I would have to resort to lipozene or some other type of quick weight loss pills to fit into those clothes but I may be wrong. I just have to work hard to get to my goal of not really losing but trimming down my weight. I am hoping to stay within the range of my current weight. I want the fat gone as much as possible and be replaced with muscles in its place. That's always been my aim. I just didn't have the motivation to stick to exercising before. I would start then stop without really seeing anything come out of it. This time around, I've been on it for the last 4 months, almost 5 months. I am trying to stay motivated and just keep going until I won't even have to try. It'll just come naturally. Fingers crossed, of course.

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L-O-S-T. I guess that about sums up how I'm feeling right now...with blogging anyway. I don't even know how to start this post. 😕...