Learning a Lesson

When a good friend of mine married her now husband, his daughter was almost of legal age. As most parents expect here, once you become of legal age, you also become independent…somehow. That means looking for a job and a place of your own. Not quite with my friend’s step-daughter. Yes, she moved out as soon as she turned an adult but she wasn’t able to stay on a job long enough to even make rent. She’s only been on her own for a couple of years but she already needs help with Credit Repair because of some bad decisions she made. My friend and her husband have to pay for her car payments so she can go to work. Talk about being independent, eh? I personally think they shouldn’t be paying for her car payments. If she loses the car, then she can take the bus to go to work. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. She needs to learn her lessons.

Anyway, my friend knows that at this point, only The Best Credit Repair Service will be able to help her step daughter. She hasn’t suggested for her to go seek help with her credit card problems though because she has parents who should be telling her to get help. My friend knows that she’s only there as a support system to her husband and she doesn't want to step over her boundaryies as a step-mom but she’s really close into just telling her step daughter to get a grip and be more responsible. She said that Credit Repair will probably help her fix her credit problems now but if she keeps being irresponsible with her choices, then she’ll be back to where she’s at right now…over and over again. I can only agree...


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