Neverending Baby Proofing

While cleaning the garage a few weeks ago, I came across a lot of the little one’s baby stuff like her booster seat and the baby gate we used to keep her from going in the kitchen especially when I was cooking. I didn’t even know I kept those things. I thought we gave them away just like everything else except for some little things that I kept for sentimental values. I’m kinda’ glad though I still have the booster and the gate because now that I’m planning in sending a box to family back home, I can include them for my niece who has a little boy that’s getting ready to be mobile. She’s actually looking for stairway gates since their house has stairs on it but the gate I have will probably work even if we didn’t use it on a stairway. If not, they can always use it for some other rooms which I'm sure the little boy will try to explore anyway.

I still remember buying that little gate. We got it while I was still pregnant with the little one. We tried to baby proof the house while I was still pregnant thinking we won’t be able to do it once she’s born. Of course that’s not true because we would always find something that needed baby proofing as she was growing. Come to think of it, it never ends. It seems we’re always doing something to protect our child. We’re no longer looking at Child Safety Gates now instead we’re looking at other things to keep her safe at all times. I’m a bit of nervous freak when it comes to her safety so I tend to overdo the ‘ be careful’ reminders even until now that she’s older. I just can’t help it. I can only imagine how I’m going to cope up once she starts driving. Oh Lord help me...


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