No Weekend...

...for the man of the house.

He's working through the weekend again because of some pressing jobs. It's been a busy season for them and they barely have the time to take lunch breaks but they can't complain. They have a job and because of that, they're grateful. One person who is not thrilled about it...who else but his little princess. She doesn't like it at all when Dad is not home on the weekends. It's the only time she gets to bug him for hours so she's bummed Dad's working.

While Dad's busy with work, we're also trying to be busy by doing some weeding in the yard. We finished weeding the flower bed this morning. We were supposed to water the plants but nature did us a favor and did it for us. Tomorrow will be cleaning day for us. If I still have time after doing the chores in the house, I may just do some more weeding in the back yard...but that remains to be seen...

That's our weekend. Not very relaxing but not stressful either. Hopefully next weekend will be better...more relaxing at least...for all of us.


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