Responsible Parenting

When we went to the Philippine store last Saturday, we went to check on our other house. It’s along the way so it’s not really a big deal. Besides we have to check it occasionally. Last time we were there, we found out that the address plaque we have on the side of the house was hanging by a thread so I had to start looking for address plaques to replace it. Hubby told me not to bother because some kids who with nothing better to do would just ruin it so I stopped looking. Hubby was right because those kids came by again and decided to do some more damage. This time they decided to ruin our water softener which is located in front of the house. It’s very frustrating to say the least because there’s really nothing we can do about it since we’re not there. I just wish these kids grow up and start acting like mature people with consideration.

While we were there, our next door neighbor stopped by. He didn’t hear or see anything but he’s aware that those kids are doing a lot of damage around the neighborhood. They’ve been caught vandalising and hitting mailbox posts with bats and were reported to the authorities. The thing is there’s only so much the police can do. They were probably reprimanded and warned but that’s about it. They couldn’t be held in jail for something like that unfortunately. As much as I want to blame these kids for their actions, I also cannot help but hold their parents responsible as well. I personally believe it’s the parents’ responsibility to keep these kids from doing these things since they are minors. Why would these parents let their teenager kids stay out of the house in the middle of the night destroying mailboxes in the neighborhood? Shouldn't they be imposing some kind of a curfew or something? Talk about responsible parenting...


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