Skin Changes

It used to be that when I went to a store, skin care products are probably at the bottom of my list. I’ve never really had that many issues with my skin so I would only go to that part of the store if I needed some things like facial wash and that’s about it. But those days are gone, unfortunately. Reality [of getting old?] has set in and I am now one of the many people who need some help to help slow down the ‘aging’ process. Yes, I said the ‘A’ word…aging. When I look at the mirror, I now see some sagging skin on my face as well as some age spots that weren’t there before. Like what I said, the process has begun. Well, it began a while ago I just didn’t acknowledge it I guess.

Anyway, everytime I go to the skin care products section in the store now, I am not only looking for products for myself. Like I’ve shared here a few times before, the little one’s skin is going through a lot of changes as well right now. This early, she already needs some acne products to help rid of the breakouts in her young skin. I’m not sure why but she’s been getting a lot of small pimples around her forehead and her nose lately. I’m guessing it has something to do with her hormones which have started to create some havoc in her body. I’m hoping she’ll get over this break out problem ASAP.


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