Stainless is IN!

Stainless appliances are probably the most popular nowadays. Everytime I see a new house with new appliances, it’s almost always certain they are stainless. They are just the ‘in’ thing today I guess. But even during those times when stainless appliances weren’t in existence yet, I’ve always liked anything stainless. To me, they look neat. So whenever we are looking for something and it’s available in stainless, I’d usually go with stainless. When I was still looking for mailboxes to replace the one in the other house, I thought of getting a stainless steel mailbox so I when I saw the blomus stainless steel mailboxes I thought I’d order one online. But after careful considerations, I decided not to. Why? Because I was afraid it will just get stolen since we have some out of control kids in that neighborhood.

Since we have a lot of stainless steel in the house right now, whenever we want to get something new for the house, we always consider whatever it is in blomust stainless first. Just like a few weeks ago when we decided to get a ceiling fan for the living room. With all the choices available at the store, we didn’t know which one to pick…until we saw one that had some stainless trimmings on it. I think it was almost automatic when we both pointed at that same ceiling fan. It’s now hanging on our living room ceiling. Ha! Anyway, one of the things we still have to add to the house is probably the husband’s ultimate want…a fireplace. Considering how hot it can get here, I asked him one time why he wants a fireplace. He said he just likes the ambiance of a lit fireplace in a home. So there. It’s just a matter of time before the day comes when that fireplace becomes a reality in this household. I guess we will be looking into blomus stainless steel fireplace when that time comes, eh?


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