Tonight is a night of finales on some of the popular shows on TV. One of the shows I don’t really watch, the other 2 I watch in bits and pieces…Dancing with the Stars is the former while Glee and American Idol are the latter. Even if these 3 shows are ending for this season, fans don’t have to wait for next season to see them. I believe all 2 of these 3 shows will have concerts/shows coming up in some major cities across the country. American Idol Tickets as well as Dancing with the Stars Tickets are now available for purchase [along with other concert tickets like Britney Spears Tickets] for those who still haven’t had enough of the contestants in these 2 competition shows on TV. If our little one will get her way, I’m pretty sure she’d choose a Glee concert over those 2 hands down.

I wouldn’t mind watching any of these 2 shows while they’re on the road but if given the chance I would rather buy me some Cirque Du Soleil Tickets instead. I heard from someone who was able to catch their show in Las Vegas that it was spectacular so now I’m more interested to see it. I’m sure the little one will be fascinated with it as well but I can’t speak for the husband. I think he’d rather get his hands on the Zac Brown Tickets since he likes country music…that’s why he likes Scotty McCreery of this season’s idol.


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