Visiting the Mall...

It’s been months since the last time we went to the mall. I think it was weeks before Christmas when we went there last. At that time, there was a trade show going on probably because it was around the holidays. It was a perfect time to lure customers with colorful logo mats and some really nice give-aways. We didn’t get any of the give-away but hubby checked on the cars on display. I think that was the time he was still thinking of getting a new car which has changed already because of the crazy gas prices lately. He’s now thinking about buying a motorcycle instead. Hmm….

Anyway, during that trade show in the mall I notice that some companies are getting more and more creative now in promoting their business. Aside from the usual logo canopy they have, one company even had a band performing under the canopy. Creative, eh? It wasn’t a known band but still a band that had a singer, a guitarist and a keyboardist. We actually got lured into staying near their booth for a while just to listen to the band. I think it’s a nice touch actually. I can’t really tell if they earned any customers because of it but it’s a good way to get attention. But that’s just one of the many companies showcased in there. A lot of them still went with the traditional trade show carpet and trade show flooring to promote their products which of course still work.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to go to the mall again soon. I really want to find me a nice fitting sundress before the spring is over. I’m kinda’ getting tired wearing shorts whenever we go somewhere so a dress or a skirt will be a much welcomed change.


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