You've Got Mail....

This may come as a shock to some people, but when I was growing up residential mailboxes were virtually non-existent in our area. It’s true. If I am not mistaken, this is still the case in most of the houses out there…especially the older ones. Why is that? My guess…we didn’t really need a mailbox. Unlike here, we don’t really get a lot mails out there unless they’re important mails or mails from loved ones. No junk mails either which I hope is still the case today. I remember getting all excited whenever I would see the post man walking towards our house because that meant we’re receiving a mail from abroad [from an Aunt who lives here in the US].

I’ve been away for almost 10 years now so I’m not really sure how many of the newly built houses in our area have mailboxes now. I know my brothers’ houses don’t have mail boxes even until now and in a way I like it that way. For one, the junk mail distributors don’t have the place to put in their advertisements. This can only mean that they would have to either skip a house with no mailbox or knock on the door to hand their advertisements. If you ask me, I prefer the former. Beside, I still like the idea of just waiting for the mailman to come knocking on our door telling me 'you've got mail'...real mail.


Ciela said…
Ay kami rin walang mailbox! Di kasi uso dito eh, di ba? Lalo pa ngayon, wala na halos mai-deliver ang mga postman.

Ang tagal mo na palang wala dito sa Pinas Huling! Wla pa bang balak bumisita dito?

5 minutes na lang TGIF na nman dito.Yay! Have a relaxing weekend!

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