Another Victim????

When we decided to put the netting around our blackberry bushes it wasn't our intention to 'trap' birds in it. It's actually the opposite...we wanted to keep them out of it to stop them from feasting with our berries. But they're birds and they have bird brain...toink! So a few days after we put the nets, we had this...

A cardinal 'trapped' in the netting'...

The cardinal was able to fly in and out of the netting so it was all good.

Then this happened...

Yes, that's a HUMMINGBIRD caught inside the netting a few days ago. The little one saw it so I ran out to take a photo of it...then another photo...then another. I think I took about 10 photos plus a video of this poor little bird. Yes, I said POOR little bird because unlike the cardinal, this one couldn't find its way out of the net. It kept flying up therefore trapping itself I had to take matters into my own hands....literally!

That's the little birdie on my hands. I had to take it out of the net ~ somehow forcefully because its tiny little claws/feet? were holding on so tightly to the net ~ so it could fly away. Of course I had to take pictures first as a proof that I once had a 'hummingbird' on the palm of my hands. Tee hee...The little fellow zoomed out of my hand as soon as I opened my palm.

Disclaimer: No BIRDIE was hurt during this picture taking!


~ "C" said…
Aaaaw I love hummingbirds! Even if I'm freaked out by birds flying in close range to me, I know....weird me. We had a hummingbird lay eggs and actually hatch last year. I saw them fly away! This year, I kept waiting in my backyard...finally saw two eggs on the same nest again....but the mom never came back :(. Na-bugok gully young eggs namin :(
J said…
astig! I wonder kung kaya ko yan.

musta na. hope you're all doing okay. I figured,you must be really busy nowadays.

have a relaxing weekend.
Ciela said…
Uy, wala sa Pinas nyan! so tiny yet so cute! Ganyan pala kaliit ang hummingbird! Naku, palagay ko kung dito sa Pinas yan, bird cage ang bagsak ni little fellow. Swerte nya, he was caught by the gentle hands!

Alam mo, kami dito para lang makapag-bird watching, nag-i-stop over pa kami sa NLEX somewhere in Pampanga! Sana rin di sila hinuhuli ng mga brothers mo dun. hehe..joke!

Happy weekend Huling!

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