Gloomy but Hot!

We have an overcast at the moment but it's almost 90 degrees outside. It's been [and will be] like this for most of our summer season around here. The frequent rain somehow brings a much needed 'coolness' in the air but it only lasts for a few minutes. Still, relief is relief.

It's Thursday already and I can't believe I have time to actually blog. I've been trying to take short breaks from the demands of work since it's starting to burn me out. It seems all I hear [well, read since it's emails] is 'deadline' or 'we have to finish this ASAP'. I'm still trying to work hard alongside my co-workers but I just think I have to take a break every now and then or I'll just umm...explode, maybe? Haha...exaggerating here a bit of course.

Anyway, this weekend will be another busy one for us doing some small home improvements ~ if the man of the house is home because he's the 'leader' when it comes to these things. If he has to work then the little one and I will probably just hang out in the house or maybe do some light yard work. Or maybe...we can sleep in until noon! How about that? Nah...that won't happen. For the life of me, I don't know why the little one wakes up a lot earlier on weekends. On the weekdays I have to wake her up most of the time...not on the weekend though. As for me, I can't stay in bed past 10 AM no matter how late I turn in the night before. Most especially now that I'm used to getting up really early to squeeze in that much needed 'elliptical' cum pilates [kuno] time. Hay....

Well, I have to get going and go back to the daily grind....ciao!


J said…
weekend na ulit at mukhang busy bee ka pa rin.

enjoy the Florida sun, although sleeping till noon is more enticing to me hahaha.

have a great sabado.
Anonymous said…
Dara, mibalik ku pa taksyapu kapali keng Pilipinas. Dapat muli naku na naman keng august ot ala ko pa kantang passport ali ku makauli.

Komusta ken,? Sabi na ning kaluguran ko mapali munaman kanu keng FL. Kene mu rin NM mapala pero alang humid
HONEY said…
Ate J advance Happy 10th year anniversary to you and to your husband.. more and many more years to count! God bless!!!!!
J said…
woohoo!!! kakaiba ng feeling at maaga akong gumising. kaya ayan hop ako on a Monday afternoon.

mainit dito kaya I forced myself to wake up early so I can get done with my errands umaga pa lang while it's not yet that sizzling hot sa labas.

sana maayos ang Lunes mo. please say hello to my "pamangkin."

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