One of the first first things I noticed when we went to the dentist about a month ago was how hi-tech the place is. Everything is computerized as expected. But unlike before where you have to spend half an hour [or even longer] filling out paper works as first time patients, this time we only had to tell them who we are and that's about it. When it was time for my 'session' with the hygienist, everything was also hi-tech...except for the poking which was of course still done by a real person. But just like last time I was at the dentist, the x-ray of each tooth was done right there and then. The big difference was everything was being shown on a computer [sitting on a what looks like a Howard point of care cart] right in front of me. When the dentist came in to do the check-up, each of the tooth she was talking about was on the screen so I didn't have to guess which tooth she was talking about. It was pretty neat. You know what's not neat though??? The waiting time still hasn't changed and the cost was sky high. Oh well...I guess that's what we have to pay for hi-tech, eh?


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