Inefficient Customer Service!

So what else is new, right?

I just spent an hour...yes, 60 minutes, 360 seconds on the phone talking to some inefficient customer service representatives! Two of them mind you. All I wanted to do was to verify an account. How is it that it took an hour to do just that??? Simple. They didn't know what they're doing. I didn't know what I was doing or what to do...that's why I called them. Well, it turned out neither do they. It's funny how the first person I spoke with said and I quote: "Let me transfer you to our online SPECIALIST." Huh? They're called 'specialists'??? When the so-called specialist couldn't answer my very simple question after 15 minutes, I asked for the supervisor.

Hmm...I wonder what the supervisor is called then....a specialists' specialist, maybe? Head specialist? Whatever....because I spent another 40+ minutes with the 'stupid-visor'....yes, I'm calling him that. He put me on hold so many times that when he said 'thank you for your patience' the nth time, I actually said: I'm not PATIENT anymore!!!! He of course apologized. That's all they know...Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry.

How did I know they didn't know what they're doing? Well, apart from spending an hour just to answer a very simple question, he kept saying: "Let me verify that information first." That meant he was asking SOMEONE ELSE! When he finally figured out the answer to my question, probably with the help of an only took a couple of minutes to finish everything. Yes! TWO FROLICKIN' MINUTES!!!!! If they only know what they're doing...that so-called specialist would have been able to direct me on what to do a few minutes after I called them. No need to ask for the supervisor since everything was there already. Geeezzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But....they don't know what they're doing....and they're called what again???? Oh yeah....SPECIALISTS! Duh!


J said…
I can imagine the agony of dealing with inefficient people. pag ako pa yan ang katarayan lumalabas na sa first 15 minutes hahaha.

we're sizzling here. had my acu session and dined out right after at ang init-init.but ayaw kong mag-complain because I'll take this warm humid weather over the wintry temps.

hope you're having a relaxing weekend at sana si E nakapag swimming today.
Ciela said…
Hello Huling! Relax! Isa lang ang puso mo! haha.. Nag-iisip tuloy ako, hindi kaya call center ng Pinas ang kausap mo? Lol!

Kung kay J sizzling, dito naman landslides and floods everywhere because of thyphoon Juaning. Buti na lang nasa bundok kami. hehe..

Enjoy your day and ingat!

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