Smoky Mountain Boots...Check?

Winter Vacation in the Offing? Possibly. That is something very tentative right now. But I’m quite excited about it. Who can blame me when we haven’t really had any decent…scrap that…ANY vacation at all in…in…forever? This one may just happen because there is a valid reason to do it. My passport is expiring soon. We always try to keep everything up to date just in case so I need to have it renewed. Unfortunately [or in this case fortunately, maybe?], passport renewal has to be done in person now. The embassy our state is under is in Washington. So…Washington, here we come in the winter. Woot! Actually, hubby really wants to go in that ‘direction’ because of the snow. He wants the little one to experience snow while she’s still very excited about it…so, that may just happen this coming winter.

Like I said I’m kinda’ excited about this ‘plan’. So what’s going to do when she’s excited…start shopping for ‘things we MAY need’ for the trip. First on my list…shoes that will fit occasion…err weather. I already swa some Smoky Mountain Boots I’m drooling over. They’re not for me though but the who else but the little one. She has been bugging us to get her a pair of boots for the longest time. But where we are, it’s not really practical to buy her boots because they will just stay in the box since it’s almost always too hot to wear them. But for this trip, boots will definitely be very useful. I already saw a couple of pink ones in the Kids section and I cannot wait to see if they have them in her size. As for me, I’m also looking. I’m not sure if I want to get me a pair of boots as well but I’ll keep my options open. I still have time to decide but looking at these gorgeous shoes online, I’m leaning towards …yeah!


J said…
sige ihanda na ang boots at drop by sa NY from Washington.

balik sa late na gising at hanggang 2 days lang yata ang itatagal ko hahaha. pag napipilitan kinakaya.

hope your week is going great kahit mainit.
Ciela said…
Now, that would sure be a lot of fun for E to experience snow! How I wish ma-experience ko rin yan kahit man lang sandali or before mawala ako sa mundo @_@. hehe.. pwede sumama? parang ganun kadali 'no? Tsaka, wala pala akong snow boots! lol!

Enjoy and take care!

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