Strawberry shortcake for Valentine's breakfast

Guest post written by Clara Knight

Just because I was single for Valentine's Day this year, I didn't want to totally ignore the holiday. Sure, it's about romance, but it's also about all the other people that you love in your life too! For me, that includes my roommates. The three of us have been best friends since high school and we all ended up together after college even though we were apart from each other for college. So I wanted to do something special for them on Valentine's Day.

But I wasn't sure about what to do in regards to that without spending a lot of money, so I went online to get some ideas. After looking online with our for a while, I got the idea to make them some kind of good food for the holiday. I thought that it would be nice to fix them something for breakfast because it would be nice to have some great breakfast before heading off to work.

I whipped up a strawberry shortcake the night before and managed to hide it from both of them in my room. I served the cake to them that morning and they were so surprised! I could tell that they also really appreciated my extra work for them.


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