Switching it Up!

With the economy the way it is right now and with the prices of everything going up, we've been trying to find ways to save and cut the spending any way we can around here. We've started by avoiding unnecessary spending like eating out just because we don't feel like eating whatever we have around the house. We also try to buy more generic products now which cost just a fraction of their 'branded' counterparts. Another change we're slowly making around here is changing all our light bulbs into Halogen Light Bulbs which according to what we've been told consume less electricity and last a lot longer than the ones we have right now around the house.

We haven't changed all the light bulbs around the house yet. What we're doing is we replace the ones that go bad. That way we won't be wasting the ones we already have. I noticed that the new lights are a lot brighter than the old ones and I'm kinda' thinking of just replacing all the other ones already even if they're not bad yet. I have not really checked how much we've saved in electric bills but I'm sure that we will be saving more if all the lights around here are halogens.

These are only a few of the things we're doing to cut corners. We're still not done yet. We're actually thinking of also discontinuing some of our services and either going to other companies or find some better alternatives. One change won't really save us big bucks but if we put all of these changes together, the savings we'll make is significant enough that the husband is joking that he may just get another car. Yeah right!


Anonymous said…
dara!!!!! komusta na ka? ali kula kilala deng plain sight hahaha tagabundok ku kase eh.

Mapali mu rin keni peru ali ka mipapawas, kilikili kumu mu ing papawas kasi alang humid keni.

Oyni, mag obra ku keng bali maswerte kung bagya makatipid gas pero mag aral na kung magmanewo ka busy ku neh.

Sige magpakalagu lagu kamu ken aku munta naku keng driving class ko

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