Three Years After

It's been three years since we moved in here. If you visited our house say a few months ago, you would think we've only moved. That's because until recently our house was almost bare. Nothing on the walls at all and we didn't have a coffee table. We're still getting stuff for the house until now and we're not anywhere near done yet. We're getting there. Hubby and I both think we don't have to hurry in getting it all at the same time since they're not necessities. The outside of our house is also 'bare'. We just started to plant this year. The garden gifts that friends and family gave us a long time ago are still not used since we haven't really started a 'garden' per se. The little one even got this cute garden stone on her last birthday and she's been bugging us to put it on the non-existent garden. LOL. She said it will look great on the flower bed...with no flowers. Ummm...not really. She stopped bugging me after a hundred times. She probably realized it's a futile attempt...for now anyway. Hopefully, we will be able to start with some kind of a garden one of these...days, weeks, months? Who knows! Like I said we're taking it all slow.


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