Doncha just hate it when that happens to you? It started yesterday, late in the day I must add so I had to call my doctor for some antibiotics to treat this very painful infection. I hate hate hate UTI. I'm almost non-functional whenever I get it because all I want to do is stay in the little girl's room. I don't get it often but when I do, I just hate it. Did I say I hate UTI?

Since it was after office hours, I had to go through the answering service to get a hold of my doctor. After 30 minutes of waiting for his call back, my doctor finally called and wanted to see me in person the next day...which is today so we had to drop everything so I could come in today. I was due for a visit anyway so we made it into an all-in-one visit. For my UTI, I was prescribed 7-day antibiotics regimen to kill the bacteria that decided to take refuge in my urinary tract. After diagnosing me with this hateful infection, we talked about my thyroid situation. For the last 2 [maybe 3] blood tests, it's showing that my hormone level is normal. I'm still taking the medication though. I asked the doctor when I can be taken off them and he said that he doesn't know yet. Maybe in a year or so since normally it takes about 3 years to stabilize the hormones. I was diagnosed in April 2009 I think so it'll be 3 years next year. Hopefully, everything stays normal from now on. I still have the uneven eyes but as of now [and according to my ophthalmologist] there is really no cure for it. He just has to monitor it to make sure it doesn't get so big I won't be able to close my eye. Now that's scary. Hopefully, my eye will correct all by itself...fingers crossed.

That's how my day began today. Hopefully the rest of the day will be 'less stressfull' & 'less painful'.


J said…
hala at UTI naman. I hope that you are feeling better na. uminom ka daw ng cranberry juice (sabi nila), yung real cranberry ha kasi some of those on the shelves nowadays may mga halo na.

I've only had one UTI case all my life and the only symptom I felt was frequent urination. but just the same I got the usual antibiotic for a week.

mukhang tahimik ang weekend namin this next two days.

nag-swimming na ba si E?

enjoy your weekend.
Anonymous said…
dara kasakit na naman kanini, balamu ika ima ku, matako ya kasi keng baguk pati tuyu.

get well soon, minim ka sabo buku

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