Not my 'heart' but my 'aging' shell...aka body! Ugh! No one to blame but ME, of course. I shouldn't have worked sitting on the dining area for hours because those chairs are not made for that. As a result, I hardly slept because I couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position.

My weekend is now spent in bed trying to be comfortable. I got up when hubby left for work ~ [yep, he's putting in some hours on a Sunday]. Instead of forcing myself to sleep, I decided to just have an early breakfast then took some Tylenol to see if it would help with the 'achy breaky' old body of mine. It helped and I was able to nap for a couple of hours which somehow helped me to get on with my day.

I may have to take a couple more pills soon because I am starting to feel the muscle pain coming back already. I'm also starting to feel a wee bit sleepy so I better stop rambling here and try to nap while the little one is busy playing...and the hubby is busy working.


J said…
grabe at tinawag na shell ang skeleton hahaha. I hope wala na ang pain. let me know, padalhan kita ng Rx na pain reliever (lol).

here late, gumagala pa rin. I slept all morning till 1:00 p.m. kasi I was wide awake all night. ewan ko ba that even my allergy pill didn't put me away last night. wide awake ang aking utak.

have good night kung gising ka pa.
Lynn said…
Kala ko heart na talaga, Mommy J. Same si hubby ko rin, nagtrabaho nong Sat & Sun kasi utos ng boss. Mas ok rin kasi more savings. Hehe.

Blue moon? Di ba full moon now? Haha. Thank you sa visit, Mommy J kahit once in a blue moon lang. Thank you rin sa greetings. Better late than never, di ba? At di pa naman Oktobre so pasok pa.

Yep, ako'y talagang napagkamalang junior here and it was not only once, but many times na talaga. Kakatuwa diba? Sarap ng feeling na akala nila bata ka pa eh di nila alam, tanda na pala. Hahaha.

Happy Tuesday!!! I'll be back sa full moon! LOL.

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