Almost There....

Yep, it's coming whether we like it or not. FRIDAY!!! I'm not as anxious as I was the past couple of weeks but it's always something I look forward to. Who doesn't???? It's like the window to 'weekend heaven'....LOL!

The week went by fast and I've been a very good girl. Why? Because I was able to get on my elliptical everyday since...wait for it...SUNDAY! Yep, I did it on a Sunday simply because I was feeling sluggish that day. I'm not an exercise nut by any means but I now believe that sweating it out can really boost your mood. That's what it did to me on Sunday [and any other day I feel that way]. I did it as soon as I got up in the morning and stayed on it for about 40 minutes. I felt a lot better after that 40 minutes workout.

Right now, my weight is probably 'the ideal weight' for me. Actually, I surpassed my weight goal already...and it's still going down bit by bit. The only problem is...I still haven't gotten rid of my midsection roll/s yet. That's the only one I want trimmed and it's not least not as much as I want it just keeps 'jiggling'. Ugh! I stopped doing my Pilates for Abs routine because it doesn't seem to do the trick so I switched to another one. It's a lot more intense [for me anyway who is an exercise wimp] so I'm hoping it will yield results in time. I started it Friday of last week. The result of that initial try was painful. I could barely move last weekend because my back was so sore. Even breathing was a bit of a struggle. I took a few Tylenol and I was fine by Monday so I started it again that day. So far I've been doing it for 4 straight days and I haven't felt a lot of soreness....just a little bit here and there. Hopefully I ca keep it up.

I know for a fact that being consistent is the very reason I'm seeing some good changes. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep on doing what I'm doing...if only to keep my mood on the 'upbeat'...


J said…
hola!!! Friday na!!!!

sana quiet ang weekend ninyo. ako dito, I'm hoping talaga para naman maiba. last week was chaotic as you know.

mga jiggling na mid-section, hayaan mo na yan. make that your badge or medal kaya of pregnancy. buti nga ikaw may isa, ako bokya hahaha. seriously,kung di nag work ang pilates for abs, ano na ang regimen mo para sa jiggly middle?

take care and have a relaxing weekend.

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